Bring Books Back

Seeking a new business model to save the print business and bring back the books with IoT (Internet of Things) technology.
When you see publishers making that short-square video for social media – you may know that printing business is in troubles. What they’re doing is increase “viewership” instead of doing something to increase “readership” that, I believe, in long-terms will extend the lives (or even save the lives) of many publications that are suffering from profit losses.
I am developing a platform that will increase readership and bring back the authenticity of reading from a real book in your hands.

My book

In A While You Will Feel Fine


 📷 Toa Heftiba
A contemporary collection of short stories with a sense of humor set in Southeast Asian countries.
I’m going to self-publish this book to share my story and correspond to the “Bring Books Back” campaign. It’s a bad time to open a publisher as many would say when they saw a lot of publishers have to shut down or turn into a semi-media agency and move to social media. It’s sad to think that there are so many voices from talented writers in Asia Pacific Region that will be lost in the stream of social media where most contents are dispensable.
My goal is to create meaningful content and give an opportunity to others young talented writers from APAC countries to do the same. Right now if you enjoy my writing and want to support my work. There’s a way to help me out.
Every donation will receive a copy of my book, once published, wherever you are in the world.
Thank you for your support.
Email: sam@saminbangkok.com